Las Vegas is known for itŐs hot summer nights, but La Salsa Cantina kicks it up a notch and makes the strip sizzle each and every weekendwith dancing, drinks and delicious food.

Best of Vegas Night Life

La Salsa Cantina offers the best of Las Vegas’ nightlife - music, food, drinks and a great atmosphere to enjoy with friends.

Why La Salsa cantina?

There are no cover charges to get into the nightclub and no drink minimums, making La Salsa Cantina’s nightclub one of the most accessible hot spots on the Strip. Dancing, drinks, and great food - what else could you ask for?

something for everyone

No matter what kind of music you like or how you want to dance, La Salsa Cantina’s nightlife will have something to offer for everyone. The DJs play an ever-changing, wide variety of music, so you never know what the night will bring.

cool off & Relax

When it’s time to cool off from the dance floor action, grab a seat on one of the room-length, plush lounge couches and take some time to choose one of the 50 premium Tequilas shots La Salsa Cantina has become famous for serving. The cocktail tables and booths are a perfect place to watch the action on the dance floor before diving into it again. And since Tequila specials are offered monthly, you can enjoy some of the best Tequila in the world right on the Strip-but without paying exorbitant drink prices.